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Sun 29
Burntwood Rugby Club
Sun 29
Under 9s (school year 4)
U9s Mini tournament at Burntwood

U9s Mini tournament at Burntwood

By Oliver Howard
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Another tri-tournament!

Final scores:

Game 1: Burtwood 4 Rugeley 3
Game 2: Willenhall 3 Rugeley 4
Game 3: Burntwood 3 Rugeley 2
Game 4: Willenhall 4 Rugeley 1

The team were excited for another tri-tournament today. As soon as the whistle went they were on it!
We had 4 mini games so the team were definitely put through their paces. All the games were close and we were pretty evenly matched, one Burntwood coach even commented on how much the team have improved.

They seem to grasp the concept of being a team and are starting to click together really well.

Will (Roadrunner) our team captain for todays match. He played a more central role today, providing a more supportive role than his normal running game. He still managed to push through for a great try on a long run, well done Will.

Joe (The Ghost) our player of the match. Joe was a great defensive and attacking player today. He seemed to find any gap forcing his way through and also chased down some good tackles. He played some great rugby today, well done!

Quinn (Legs) won our sportsmanship award today. Quinn’s passion to perform well really shows, he puts his all into every game and has really gained confidence when it comes to pushing forward and tackling. A fantastic game, just remember don’t be to hard on yourself!

Olivia (Bullet Ant) started off a little apprehensive as it was her first game back, but her confidence increased as the game went on. She shows no fear against a much bigger opposition and when she’s at full force she will be unstoppable. Well done!

Xavier (Guardzilla) took some heavy tackles today, and when he’s on the pitch his head is all in the game. His pushing forward is really improving, a forward in the making. Great game!

Wynter (The Amazonian), even though this is only her second ever game it certainly doesn’t show! She shows confidence with the ball and is always charging forward. She definitely knows how to take a tackle. Well done Wynter!

Elliot (Honeybadger) as always shows his love of the game. He really puts his heart and soul into the play and just doesn’t stop. He never gives up chasing down the ball and is always the first one on the attack. Great game!

Henry (The Wall), attack attack attack! Pushing the ball forward is definitely Henry’s favourite part of the game (aside from scoring trys). He is always in the thick of it and is always on hand to support his team. Well done!

Joel (Terminator). The game seems to have clicked for Joel, he’s all hands in and is always there to receive the ball. He’s not afraid to take a tackle and knows how to use his power to push forward. Well done Joel!

In conclusion another great couple of games, the team are showing that the Saturday training is paying off! Some great rugby played today they should all be proud of themselves.

Things to work on, our positioning is still very crowded and we need to work on chasing down tackles. We also need to keep an eye on our forward passing, and making sure we utilise the whole team when passing the ball. Things to work on but improving all the time.

Thanks to ours hosts Burntwood, see you at training on Sunday.

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Sun 29, Jan 2023