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Join the Staffordshire Quantums: Your Opportunity to Experience Rugby League!

Join the Staffordshire Quantums: Your Opportunity to Experience Rugby League!

Martin de Ridder30 Mar - 08:10
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Transition from Rugby Union to Rugby League with the Quantums this Summer - No Experience Required!

Are you an experienced rugby union player looking to try something new this summer? The Staffordshire Quantums invite you to join our team and make the transition to rugby league! No prior experience is required, and we're here to support you every step of the way.FAQs for Rugby Union Players Interested in Playing Rugby League for the Staffordshire Quantums (Summer 2024) 1.What is the difference between rugby union and rugby league?Rugby union and rugby league are two different forms of rugby football. The main differences include the number of players on the field (15 in union, 13 in league), the scoring system, and the rules governing tackles and set pieces.2. Do I need any prior experience playing rugby league to join Staffordshire Quantums?No, prior experience in rugby league is not necessary. As experienced rugby union players, you already possess many of the skills and understanding of the game that will be beneficial.3. How much does it cost to join the Staffordshire Quantums for the summer of 2024?The total cost is £31, which includes all necessary fees. Additionally, you will receive a free training t-shirt.4. What is included in the £31 registration fee?The registration fee covers the cost of participating in the league, insurance, and other administrative expenses. The free training t-shirt is also included in this fee.5. When and where are the training sessions and matches held?Training sessions are held on Wednesdays at 7pm at Rugeley Rugby Club, WS15 2HG. Matches are typically held on weekends at various locations in Staffordshire. Exact times and venues will be communicated once you join the team.6. What equipment do I need to play rugby league?Basic rugby gear including boots with studs suitable for grass, shorts, and socks are required. Additional protective equipment such as a mouthguard and headgear is recommended but not mandatory.7. Is there a minimum age requirement to play for the Staffordshire Quantums?Yes, players must be at least 16 years old to participate in adult league games.8. Can I still play rugby union while playing rugby league for Staffordshire Quantums?Yes, the rugby league season occurs across the summer and will be completed before rugby union pre-season starts in July, allowing players to participate in both codes without any clashes.9. Is this a way for Rugeley Rugby Club to poach your players?No, this initiative is not about poaching players from Rugeley Rugby Club. We are solely focused on creating the best rugby league team in Staffordshire and are not interested in recruiting players from other clubs. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for rugby union players to experience and enjoy the game of rugby league.10. What is the commitment level required to play for the Staffordshire Quantums?While commitment levels can vary, regular attendance at training sessions and matches is expected to ensure the team's success and your personal development.11. How do I register to play for the Staffordshire Quantums?To register, please join our players via messaging our social media accounts for more information on the registration process and payment details.⸻We look forward to welcoming you to the Staffordshire Quantums and helping you embrace the exciting world of rugby league!
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